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Available Titles
To Save a Lady~French Quarter Brides, Book One

A move from Paris to New Orleans brought disaster to Elise Plaisance’s predictable life as a lady’s maid when the son of her grief-stricken mistress disappears. From elegant townhouses to moonlight courtyards and battlefields, Elise’s quest to find a missing boy in New Orleans leads her to a dangerous alliance, an ill-advised romance with an American officer, Captain Jesse Cross, and a crucial betrayal that put her at odds with Jesse. Elise must risk everything to rescue the boy before all is lost, but how can she prevail when the man she loves is determined to stop her?

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Almost an Outlaw

Almost an Outlaw is a western romance novella set during the week of Jesse James's wedding in 1874. It's a story about second chances. Austin Cade returns to Liberty in search of a stolen horse and he's reunited with a girl he fell in love with years ago. Widowed Darcy carries the guilt of her husband's death. Can Austin convince her she deserves a second chance? Or will they both fall prey to a dangerous bounty hunter? 

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Delivering Love Today: Valentine's Day Short Story 

Delivering Love Today is a fun Valentine's Day short story. Kelly Anderson never wanted to be delivering love on Valentine’s Day. But she has no choice. Her uncle had been kind enough to give her a job at his florist after she was fired from a diner, and she doesn’t want to let him down. So she puts on her best smile and climbs behind the wheel of the delivery van that’s filled flowers and balloons. Reminders that love is everywhere except in her disenchanted life. On a lonesome country road, she’s stopped by Jared Marsden, a handsome cowboy who needs her help, or more precisely, her van. He offers his help in exchange for hers. Is he more than he seems? Will the cowboy disrupt more than just Kelly’s delivery schedule on Valentine’s Day?

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More Than a Gift: Christmas Short Story 

What do you get your sexy boss for Christmas? 
Ever since she was dumped last Christmas, Holly has issues with the holiday. The upcoming office Christmas party and gift exchange only make matters worse for Holly until she meets Santa at the mall. With a twinkle in his handsome blue eyes, Santa has some great advice on how to find the perfect gift and a little surprise of his own for Holly!"More Than a Gift" is a lighthearted romantic short story of 8,000 words. Rated PG.

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